Pole Dance&Nightlife in Kiev

Don’t come back to your home without visiting a night club in Kiev. Nights are very famous in Kiev. We were in the opera at our first night. Now we want to have fun in Kiev’s clubs.

Nightlife is very colorful in Kiev. Night clubs, bars and strip clubs must be visited. I think it would be an interesting experience.

Clubs are usually closed on Monday nights. Nevertheless, you can find open ones.

I wanted to watch a pole dance-striptease show  in Europe for a long time. The pole dancing which is done professionally is like an exquisite work of art which is presented to your eyes and your soul. If this dance is being presented well, it may take you away… While the dancer slides on the pole like a water drop, you just stay and you don’t want to miss a single second of the show.

I finally found an opportunity to fulfill my desire in Kyiv. As a result of a short-term place search, we went to one of the clubs in the Arena Shopping Mall. Stars Cabaret.. (By the way there are two famous night clubs in Arena also named Sky Bar and Decadence. But these are not just strip club, these are places you can dance). Two girls welcomed us at the door. Both of them were quite beautiful J First, we wanted to see the site, to see if suitable or not, we have toured. A gloomy atmosphere, stylish décor, purple armchairs, a few customers who were sitting in the armchairs with their drinks and a good dancer who shows her pole dancing on the stage..

We entered and sat down. We ordered our drinks and we started watching the show. I may say that the pole dancing was very impressive but I realized that if this dance is presented by the professional dancers with the right music in the right atmosphere, it would be more impressive. 

Dancing girls changed for every song that plays. Some of them were very very good, some were mediocre. Still, it was quite nice to watch .. (There is a strip club in Rus Hotel we stayed also).


Many people think the clubs like this is only for men. Especially in Turkey. However, men in Europe go to these types of places with their wives-girlfriends. There is an art performance and you’re watching it, that’s all.

PS: Now pole dancing courses were opened in Turkey. For your info 

If you want to go to nightclubs of this style, here are the short notes for you;

  • You can ask to have a glance inside before sitting
  • You can ask question about the rates before. Nobody wants to have surprise J But the rates are very acceptable already. Entering fee is 50 UAH (6 USD), 1 shot vodka is about 40 UAH (5 USD)
  • Vodka is served as straight. This is like a rule. They don’t mix vodka with any juice. Just a shot…

Watch the video for a good,different and more olimpic example of pole dance;



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