Plato’s Legacy:Academy of Athens

Plato’s Legacy:Academy of Athens

You can not leave the city without mentioning Plato if you are in Athens.. I have no idea about your interest in philosophy, but sure you know who Plato is. Ancient Greek philosopher, mathematician and founder of the Academy, the first higher education institue in history.

Academy of Athens inspired from Plato’s Academy was founded in 1926. It has been actively working with its various research centers. There is a huge statue of Socrates in front of this magnificent building.. Academy concept was born in Greece, its name comes from an olive grove around Athens named Akademeia. The school that Plato gave lessons in the 4th BC century is the first academy in history, and is the source of inspiration for this building..

Inside Academy;

As we are in Academy which was founded by Plato, so we wanted to do philosophy.. As Plato.. We tried to find the meaning of life.. But we confused.. 🙂 We said ‘maybe later’ and left Academy..

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