Place De La Concorde Paris

Concorde Square-Hotel Crillon Paris

We are ready to get lost in Paris 🙂 We are going to Concorde Square first. Because it was very close to our hotel. 

Concorde Square

This magnificent square is the second biggest square of France. (The first one is  Esplanade Des Quinconces in Bordeaux). This square is one of the most important symbol of Paris even France. Quite large. Concorde have witnessed many important historical events. The guillotine was used in this square during the French Revolution first. Many important person like Marie Antoinette (Let them eat cake if they have no bread), XVI.louis and Robespierre have been executed in this area. And 1119 people have been executed in this square.

The square is so beautiful you get confused where you must look to. Palais Bourbon is on the one side, Tuileries Garden is on the other side and Maritime Affairs Building and the luxury Hotel Crillon are on another side and of course Champs-Elysees’ path.. Louvre Museum and Madeleine Church are very close also. Note these location information so that you can add these places into the same day programe.

The statues in the square symbolize the some cities in France.

Place De La Concorde


 Luxor Obelisk

There is an obelisk in the middle of the square. Luxor Obelisk is a gift from Egypt to France. It was brought to France in the 1830’s from the Luxor. Obelisk has Egypt hieroglyphs. 


This is a rainy Paris day.. We certainly do not complain of this situation. This rainy, misty air of Paris suits its bohemian atmosphere.. Like a dream..

Spend your some time in this square and capture the beautiful photograps ..

How to get to Concorde Square..?

You can use the metro by one of the 1-8 or 12 line and get off at the station Concorde..




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