PISA: A Medieval Tale

After two wonderful days we spent in Florence, we planned to go to Pisa. we got our tickets at Florence’s main train station Santa Maria Novella Station. Along the way, enjoyed and watching the beautiful Tuscany on the train first.. The target is the Pisa Tower.. Pisa is welcoming us under a cold but sunny weather..

The beautiful city of the famous leaning tower.. Arno River flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea passing through the city. The medieval city where the famous physicist, astronomer and philosopher Galileo Galilei lived. We began to walk from the station to the city. Our goal is to enjoy every moment.. On the way of your walk you first reach Piazza II.Vittorio Emanuele, the place where you can see his statue is also.

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II
Vittorio Emanuele II. (First King of Italy)

II.Vittorio Emanuele, the first king of the Kingdom of Italy. We’re on our way after watching this little square. Walking on Corso Italia which is the biggest shopping street..

Walking on Corso Italia

Pisa, houses with green windows, and yellow painted walls, creating a very different atmosphere. A complete medieval city .. It is a place where you dream drinking your wine with wooden cups, instead of glass.. 🙂

We are sharing loneliness of lonely Pisa streets.
another lonely street..

Walking along Corso Italia we arrived Ponte di Mezzo (Middle Bridge) This bridge passes through the middle of the city. Because of this, took the name Mezzo (Middle).

Arno River from Ponte Di Mezzo

There is a huge and very beautiful Christmas tree right next to the bridge 🙂

Christmas trees..sourcess of happiness 🙂


After a short stop for the bridge view and taking photos, we continue on our way.. Of course, slowly, trying not to miss any detail..

i liked this perspective..

The old green windows..colorfull doors and the authentic houses..carrying all the experience of life.

attention to the man figures on the door..!

On your way straight ahead you reach to Piazza Garibaldi (Garibaldi Square).. This square, as the name suggests houses a statue of Garibaldi, one of the most important soldier fought for political unity of Italy.. Garibaldi, commemorated by the Italians as a hero.


Encountered Niccola Pisano, a famous sculptor, and architect of the famous Italians’ s statue..

Nicola Pisano.. Known as the founder of Italian sculptor school.

We continue on our way. Slowly we start to see the target..! Famous leaning Pisa Tower, slowly starting to grow in front of us with her amazing look.. (Yes, I said “her” because of her bride looking silhouette 🙂 ) On the next post..


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