Notre Dame Cathedral

This is one of the most beautiful cathedrals I’ve ever seen.

The construction lasted for many years. Some architects life was not enough to see the  completed building so there are many different architecture styles and signs on that construction. The cathedral was completed in 1330.

west facade

The part of cathedral you see is West Facade of the cathedral.. So this part is most famous part..

west facade


galleries of gargoyles

There are famous gargoyles on the upper part of the structure. Gargoyles are mythological, scary looking creatures. According to a legend they are stone at daytime but they become alive nights.. 🙂 But their main task is to drain the accumulated water in the structure of its various parts. Usually it is seen in medieval Gothic architecture.

a gargoyle
a gargoyle

*Photo was taken from Vikipedia

emmanuel bell

The church has a very large bell. Its name is ‘Emmanuel’. Its weight is 13 tons and its rammer weight is 500 kg. In addition, it is the oldest bell of the church. Emmanuel is rang out in just important cases like Christmas, Easter, Pope’s visit. Other bell in the south tower of the church, Emmanuel’s sister ‘Marie’ was destroyed and melted to be used as a cannon during the French Revolution. Emmanuel survived. Emmanuel’s sound is still accepted the most beautiful sound of insturments by several musician, musicologist and bell-ringers in Europe.

Emmanuel has a special place in the heart of Parisiens.. Why? It was rung to announce the liberation of Paris from Nazi occupation in 1944..

3 big portal

There are 3 portal on the building as you can see behind of me. Left one is Portal of the Virgin (It is represented to the Virgin’s death, ascension to heaven and her coronation as Queen of Heaven.-If you look carefully you will see Virgin and Jesus sitting next to Virgin crowning her Queen). The one in the middle is Portal of the Last Judgement (It is represented to Jesus’ judging alive and dead persons. It is taller and wider than the others). And the right one is Saint Anne Portal (It is dedicated to the mother of Virgin Mary)

The portal I am in front of is the middle one so Portal of the Last Judgement..


portal of the last judgement

the gallery of kings

This part is just above 3 large portal. You can see the figures of the kings side by side. These 28 statues represented the Kings of Judea. These statues had been destroyed during French Revolution by the revolutionist who thought these are French Kings.. Then this part had renovated.

the gallery of kings
the gallery of kings

head in hand sculpture

Saint Denise who hold his head on his hand was first bishop of the cathedral. He was sent to Paris from Lyon to establish this cathedral. But he and his two companions were arrested and executed by beheading because of their secret mission to collect followers to the pagan priests. According to the legend, after his head was cut off, Denise had pick it up and walked 10 kilometres (6 miles).  He had given it to a Christian woman. Then his body was burned and his ashes was thrown into the Seine. There are two angel next to St.Denise at this sculpture.

head in hand sculpture

Other important parts to be seen outside of cathedral are its tower cone shape and flying buttresses on the east side.

south rose window

We are inside..

Inside is very impressive as outside. You will smell smudge and you will see the rose windows with their glories.. North, south and western rose windows. Rose window was very popular in medieval Gothic architecture. You can meet them in the great cathedrals of France especially. The South Rose Window of the cathedral is the most important one. It was a gift from the King St. Louis  and dedicated to the victories of the Christianity and New Testament. It is also the most beautiful one because its located according the sun. There are many figures like Jesus surrounded by angels, angels with candles, the judgement of Solomon and similar figures in its details.

There are sixteen prophets under the circle part of the window. Look carefully and get lost in details..

south rose window
south rose window

Inside of cathedral is really lofty and impressive..

…….and Victor Hugo’s Notre Dame

Notre Dame Church impressed me very much. Especially if you have an idea about the Victor Hugo’s immortal work Notre Dame De Paris, this church is more meaningful for you. You can find yourself thinking about the most famous bell ringer and the main character of the work, Quassimodo,(The Hunchback of Notre Dame) his endless loneliness, his emotions to Emmanuel, his happiness while with Emmanuel and of course his big passion to beautiful gipsy girl Esmeralda..

Notre Dame Musical

After visiting this cathedral, you must watch the musical of same name. I had the chance to watch live. It was amazing! I think Belle, the most famous sing of the musical is one of the most beautiful melodies ever. Listen this in the original language. Please click here to reach my other opinions about Notre Dame De Paris Musical.. You can listen ‘Belle’ clicking by here while you are reading the post..


how to get Notre Dame De Paris?

Use M4 line and get off the station Cite or St.Michel.

PS: Don’t forget to visit the legendary bookshop of Paris Shakespeare&Co just opposite Notre Dame Cathedral..


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