MozartHaus in Vienna

Speaking on Vienna,  Mozart (1756-1791) is come to mind first. A musical genius.. 

Unfortunately he lived just till 35 years old. But he has fit so many important and famous works in his short life. 

Mozart in Vienna has become such a big brand, you can see Mozart picture on all kinds of goods, food, etc. all around the city. Mozart is highly commercialized name. Is this situation is causing the exploitation of Mozart’s name or to make his name unforgattable? I couldn’t figure out when I am walking in Vienna streets. 

I particularly wanted to visit MozartHaus in Vienna. I listen to works of this genius with great pleasure. So the idea of seeing the house of Mozart who lived here was exciting to me. And now we are visiting this small, boutique house museum. House is in Stephansdom ..

around MozartHaus

The house is not crowded, unlike the extremely simple. Maybe I had higher expectation before entering the house, I do not know, but this is very quiet house. The Mozart had already lived here for only three years. But it is a must see..

Mozart’s handwriting

Mozart died at the age of just 35 and he reached his true fame after his death.

His last words before leave from this world were “The taste of death is upon my lips.  I feel something that is not of this earth”.

His name was another Austrian composer and conductor Gustav Mahler‘s last words before his death. Mahler had cried on his last breath, “Mozart, Mozart!”.. 

For more information aboout MozartHaus I recommend you to visit official website.


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