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Briefly THE MET!

The MET is not only in America but also is one of the ‘top’ museums of the world. This is an extremely large museum. This museum is one of the most beautiful places to visit in New York. There are many departments belonging to many civilizations and has 52 picture galleries. You will see many examples of American Art, also European paintings and sculptures and of course the works belonging to ancient civilizations at the museum. Metropolitan Museum of Art is in the New York To Do List..

We gave the big part of our attention to the works of American culture. Because we visited so many museums in Europe and our last trip was to Athens. So we had the opportunity to become acquainted with European Art. Also we were quite familiar with works of Ancient Times. And honestly, we got bored from the antique structures without nose 🙂 However, to see the situation of art in America, made us excited. We found ourselves critisizing differences between European Art&American Art. Result? We agreed there are obvious differences between European artists and American artists. Ones those interested in Art know, Art movements began in America in the second half of the 19th century. Too late. Despite this truth, it is really terrific that they managed to collect many unique collections like that and create an impressive museum.

Visiting and trying to understand Metropolitan Museum of Art may be the most enjoyable parts of your New York trip. This museum must be visited consciously. The MET is a terrific temple especially for those who love Art.

I will try to talk about MET detailed. I hope my post will help to your tour. Let’s see museum sections. First exterior of the museum..



Metropolitan Museum New York
Metropolitan Museum New York
Metropolitan Museum is in Central Park
Metropolitan Museum is in Central Park
MorningsEvenings at Metropolitan Museum of Art
MorningsEvenings at Metropolitan Museum of Art

Let’s go inside..


You will see the works of medieval Africa. Numerous objects and figures, mysterious face and body masks, jewelry, clothing worn by African natives, instruments and much more things about Daily life.. It was very interesting for me to see so many objects of African culture. I would spent more time here. It was very impressive.

Come on the photos and click for notes…

Metropolitan Museum Metropolitan Museum
Metropolitan Museum Metropolitan Museum
Metropolitan Museum Metropolitan Museum


Do you want to know what happened in Pacific Islands in ancient times? If yes you are at the right section of MET. You will see daily life objects and art belong to Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia and also life and art of the Aborigines in Australia Islands and you will be amazed.

Metropolitan Oceania Metropolitan Oceania
Metropolitan Oceania Metropolitan Oceania
Metropolitan Oceania Metropolitan Oceania
Metropolitan Oceania Metropolitan Oceania


Many memories left from ancient times in Mexico, Peru, the natives of Caribbean, Aztec-Maya. Very antique form of America’s! Sculptures, wooden objects, strange and even scary masks, totems which bring to mind the natives who show tam tam dance..

So.. Primitive Art!

The works which were created by human in beginning of humanity, efforts to dominate on substance and an Art which was in top point of creativity. It is certain that the inspiration was taken from nature which wasn’t under human control and even being scared.

Absolutely awesome.. Very impressive and mystical.. Of course, primitive people had created art for their requirements.  I wish I would spend longer in this section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. To learn more about the genesis of art and artist..


Metropolitan Arts Of American
Metropolitan Arts Of American


Another crazy section of the Metropolitan Museum.. Pictures, sculptures, calligraphy samples, ceramics, objects, clothes of Asia.. There are also specific examples of the works carrying signs of some beliefs such as Buddhism, Hinduism. This is a collection that contains a selection of many different periods. Really magnificent examples of Chinese, Korean, Japanese and a Tibetan culture.

Metropolitan Asian Art


This section contains some reliefs, pots, pans, seals, tools used for magic, tablets, moneys, idols, jewels belong to kingdom and objects made of precious metals belong to Ancient civilizations such as Minoan, Crete, Helen, Greek, Babylonian, Sumerian, Akkadian, Scythian, Sassanid and Persian.


This is the department which contains antique structures without nose 🙂 They are those you can see in whole Europe 🙂 But the hall is amazing..


Şu burunsuz antik heykellerin olduğu bölüm 🙂 Avrupa’nın her yerinde gördüklerinizden 🙂 Ama salonu müthiş..

Greek-Roman Art hall

Metropolitan Museum Of Art
Met New York


This section has the largest collection of Egyptian civilization in the world. There are more than 26 thousand objects and works. They are representing almost every period of Egyptian Kingdom. It is really amazing. The works were arranged chronologically over 39 separate rooms. This is a crazy collection that  contains sphinxes of the ancient Egyptian, tablets, masks,  jeweleries and of course mummies. In addition, there are Gold Room and Kingdom Gallery as well.

The most important thing must be seen in the Egyptian Department is Temple of Dendur. Ruins of temple. The temple was commissioned by the Roman Emperor Augustus and dedicated to Great Goddess Isis. A gift to America from Egypt.

Dendur Temple Metropolitan
The Temple of Dendur


As its name describing there is a huge collection belong to Medieval and Byzantine art in this section. Very large and imposing.

You’ll see a giant and magnificent door in this area. The architect of this door is Calvert Vaux, who also was one of the architects of Central Park. A giant Christmas tree is put here at Christmas time.

Medieval Hall
Medieval Hall


This section of the Metropolitan Museum contains almost 12 thousands works of Islamic culture. You feel yourself as if you are in a museum of Middle East, not America. So, very successful design.

Metropolitan Museum Islamic Art
Metropolitan Museum Islamic Art
Metropolitan Museum Islamic Art


Giant full-body sculptures greet you in this area. There are many works especially belong to Renaissance period here.Metropolitan Petrie


Swordsmiths, gunmakers, armorer… So the ones who made art by making things for war. Here are their works..

Helmets, swords, weapons so everything belonging to war..  Unlike the great similar departments now preserved in Vienna, Paris, London, and Stockholm, The Metropolitan Museum collection is a modern one,

The department has many military objects belonging to Europe, Far&Near East. You will see examples of Iran, Turkey, India, as well as Korea, Vietnam and Japan. But the most important things here are the objects holding memories belong to US Army. Such as the swords which were used in Anglo-American War of 1812 and the US-Mexico War. This is the art face of war.

Army Collection Metropolitan
Arms and Armor Collection


There are works of 19th century American painters and sculptors. In addition, contemporary works and objects which were created after the 1st World War. Many things such as American ceramics, American furnitures can be seen in this section.

This section also exhibits a panoramic presentation of the Versailles Palace and its gardens. As it is projected on the wall.


The galleries which contain Lehman Collection are one of the most important and special parts of the Metropolitan Museum. This galleries have very valuable works which were collected by businessman Philip Lehman and his son Robert Lehman. There are beautiful image collections belong to most important painters of renaissaince such as Bellini (Virgin Mary and Child Jesus) and other painters. Botticelli, El Greco, Rembrandt, Ingres..


You will also see temporary exhibitions at the MET. Luckily, there was American minimalist artist Sol LeWitt’s exhibition while we were there. Sol LeWitt is perhaps the first name that comes to mind when the topic is conceptual art. Now he is in life only with his works.. As a minimalism lover, of course I was quite happy to have visited the exhibition..

Metropolitan Museum Of Art
Metropolitan Museum Of Art
Metropolitan Museum New YorkSol LeWitt’s 1982 Wall Drawing #370: Ten Geometric Figures

There are many departments in Metropolitan Museum of Art. Think of it 🙂 Those above are main ones..

By the way; There is a Turkish painter’s work in this amazing museum.. Is there anyone to know who this painter is?

Burhan Dogancay.. His painting is in MET; Ribbon Mania..[/column]

Metropolitan Sanat Müzesi elbette bu anlattıklarımla sınırlı değil.. Düşünün artık 🙂 Daha pek çok bölüm var.. Bunlar en temelleriydi..


How long does Metropolitan Museum of Art take?

The information about the time schedule is very important for making the right travel plan in a city. If you are a fanatic art-lover and if you want to visit the museum without any hurry, it may take almost 1 day. If you say ‘I cannot spend whole day but I want to visit’, it will take 3 hours at least. So if you plan to spend less than 3 hours, I think it would be better not to go. For why, it wouldn’t be fair and you would not gain anything for you and for art.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Ticket Price;

If you buy your ticket in the museum ticket counter, the price is up to you. Suggested admission is 25 usd for adults, 17 usd for seniors, 12 usd for students and free for children under 12.

I recommend you to buy your ticket online. Otherwise you can loose the time in long lines.

Metropolitan Museum of Art is located at the middle of east side of Central Park (right at the point of 5th Avenue – 83th Street intersection). It is possible to reach by subway but the nearest subway station is 4-5 blocks away (Green line 4, 5, 6 at station 86 St.). It is easier to go by bus, many lines riding from north to south on 5th Avenue have a stop right in front of the museum. 
We entered the museum at around noon time and left in the evening. We spent almost 5 hours. Metropolitan was a really amazing art stage..

Metropolitan Museum of Art

We are planning to go to Rockefeller Center (Top of The Rock) and Empire State tomorrow! We are going to watch New York City from top of those two amazing skyscrapers. We planned to have the visit to one in the day and the other in the night. This will give a chance to watch New York’s impressive view both day and night. We also planned one of New York’s iconic buildings, Flatiron, tomorrow..
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