Louvre Part III-Paintings


And now we are in Denon Wing..

While you are passing this part, you will see incredible works and come closer to Mona Lisa..


These works are so beautiful, real and incredible, you wonder of Mona Lisa. While you are looking at paintings you wonder about the painter of the work…

I loved some paintings specially..

For example, Ingres’.. His paintings are so charactheristic, you directly recognize his works when you see. Overweight Ottoman women, fat bodies, Turkish bath.. 🙂 If you see one of these, you can say Ingres… Ingres had not been in Middle East ever. It is interesting, isn’t it? Without seeing Middle East, how could he do his amazing paintings?


Grande Odalisque

This is a very important and famous work of Ingres. It was commissioned by Caroline Murat who was the sister of Napoleon. Ingres had depicted an odalisque.


And here are the other Ingres paintings fat women in 🙂


Portrait of Monsieur Bertin

Another work of Ingres. The man in painting was a friend and boss of Ingres. He was also an important person in France. Look at the painting carefully.. It is so succesfull that you can feel as you look a phoptograph, not a painting..

Müzedeki resimlere bakmaya doyamıyoruz..

You will see many painters. They are trying to paint a copy of the famous works.


A Very Different Blue Ceiling

You must see this ceiling in Louvre.. Very interesting..


The Wedding Feast at Cana

An amazing work of Paolo Veronese. It is opposite to Mona Lisa. Yes, we are in the hall that Mona Lisa is exhibited. But we want to observe this magnificent work before going to Mona Lisa. In general people who enter this room run  to Mona Lisa immediately and they miss this amazing work unfortunately. No! You have to catch this work. You cannot believe to details. Also in this work you can see Suleiman The Magnificent who was unforgettable Sultan of Ottoman Empire . (6th from left among the people sitting on the table, with turban).  And also Sokollo Mehmed Pasha. This painting is mainly describing the scene that Jesus convert water into wine.  As I told you, this is a very very important work. You must surely see it..

This room is very crowded. As the photo below 🙂 Because Mona Lisa is here. At last we are in front of Mona Lisa.. On the next post.. 



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