Louvre Museum Part I

We are at Louvre Museum finally .. We are getting crazy to see this awesome museum.. 


At our first visit to Louvre, we just had discovered the garden, the exterior beauty, however it took hours.. Next day, we will spend a long time having a tour in Louvre.. It is rainy.. Do we fear of get wet?? On the contrary.. We are enjoying.. 🙂

Louvre was a palace before, it was turned to a museum in 1793. It is one of the largest museums in the world. It contains many magical works of paintings, sculptures, design, Eastern Art, Egyptian and Greek Art. The most famous examples of ancient Greek sculpture like Venus de Milo… Jacques-Louis David’s a very famous painting of The Consecration of the Emperor of Napolen (Coronation Ceremony of Napoleon )…. The Winged Victory of Samothrace and many amazing work… And of course MONA LISA.. Louvre contains Genius Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Magnum Opus’ amazing Mona Lisa…

First you are starting to be charmed in the garden. The gorgeous building picks you up to another world.. You ask yourself ‘which side I must look? You don’t decide which side is the most beautiful…

Louvre Pyramid

There are 4 pyramid in Louvre’s garden. 3 of them are little and 1 is big one. The big one is the main entrance of the museum also. This pyramid was built for the request of the former French President François Mitterrand. Some people were against of this pyramid’s construction. Because they thought this modern-futuristic ‘thing’ didn’t match to classic style of the Louvre. However, this contrast have been excellent and a postmodern style was created.. You can remember this place from the book and the movie of Da Vinci’s Code. This amazing pyramid 20.6 meter high gives us great photo frames..



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