La Tour Eiffel

Amazing.. Amazing.. Amazing.. This is the right word I can say to the Eiffel Tower definitely..

You’ve probably heard. Many people says “iron bulk” to the Eiffel.. I condemn those who say that 🙂 On the contrary, it is an “art” of iron. Wrought iron details like a lacework are so impressive, as if an iron lady. Cool and elegant. Eiffel is an amazing structure. Uber modern.. I was very impressed from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. But it’s certainly different ..

The designer of this exquisite tower is Gustave Eiffel. (His statue is at the foot of the tower). The construction began in 1827. And leading intellectuals of Paris, strongly opposed the construction of the tower first. According to their idea, this iron “thing” would ruin all the beauty of Paris. Later, as you know, the iron lady became the symbol of Paris and even France.

The tower is 300 meters tall. This height is not good for some. They had committed suicide by jumping from the tower L . But now, against suicide, measures have been taken with iron railings.


If you want to go to up of the Eiffel, you must wait in long queues. We did not go to up because our time was limited. We had already delicious panoramic Paris view at the top of Arc De Triomphe. So I do not have a photo of Paris from Eiffel Tower. But I’m giving you the link below and I am sure you love it.. Paris view from the Eiffel .. For your eyes, ears and of course for your soul…


Let’s talk about the rates;

Eiffel Tower rates;

Stairs entrance ticket (Valid to 2nd floor); 5 € (for adults), 4 € (12-24 years old), 3 € (4-11 years old and disabled person)

Lift entrance ticket (Valid to 2nd floor); 9 € (for adults), 7,50 € (12-24 years old), 4,50 € (4-11 years old and disabled person)

Lift Entrance ticket to top; 15 € (for adults), 13,50 € (12-24 years old), 10,50 € (4-11 years old and disabled person)

Children under 4 years free.

How to get Eiffel Tower..?

You can use one of the alternatives below according to your location.

Use the metro by 6 line and get off the station Bir Hakeim.

By 9 line and get off the station Trocadero.

By 8 line and get off the station Ecole Militaire.

And we are leaving from this amazing building.. I have no idea about the surprise celebration that Aysam prepared for my birthday.

















































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