Kiev Part 5 Play Me, I’m Yours..

We visited many places in Kiev. ( Except nights, the nights is on the end 🙂 ).. How is life style in Kiev? Let’s see..

Kiev Currency

The currency of Ukraine is Grivna (UAH). You can give your dollars and get grivna at the airport or your hotel. ( Same rate with the airport) You must divide the grivna to 8. So 100 Gravni = 12 USD.

Kiev Transportation

Of course Subway..

Your first choice for transportation should be the underground metro. The metro network is very advanced. Kiev metro was established in 1943. Quite old. But very interesting at the same time. Subway is so deep, it takes a lot to reach to the station. Almost you past through magma to reach to the station 🙂  Kidding aside, the stations are located too deep. The reason is these metro stations were used as a shelter during World War II..  Meanwhile escalators are not like the ones in Turkey. They are very speedy. So you must take your step very carefull for catching the stairs. 

metro in Kiev.. so deep..


Taxis are cheap in general. But you must make bargain absolutely. I advice you not catch the taxies waiting in front of the event or entertainment places. They ask for more. It is better to walk for a few steps and get on a taxi  waiting on the street and make bargain as much as you can. If you use a taxi in the city, don’t give money more than 50 Gravni for any distance.

By Walk 

You can choose to walk in Kiev. There are lots of underpasses for pedestrians. While walking in your way to pass a sidewalk, you need to use them. A constant state of in-out in-out. I think that the people of Kiev can stay fit because they always use these stairs. Because there is almost no overweight people almost.

If you come to face a car while you are walking, the car stops to give you priority. They are very civilized in traffic. 

Language- Trouble

There is an obvious language problem in Kiev. They are speaking very little or they don’t choose to speak English. We have met some difficulties asking address etc.. Cyrillic Alphabet is very complicated.. Actually, it is trouble..

Kiev Population

Most of the population is woman.. And as they say, yes, women are very beautiful..

Shopping in Kiev

We couldn’t find a speacial place for shopping. As we always do in other countries, we found a supermarket and got some speacial food and vodka of course.. The pockets which you put the staff you bought in are not free. Low price of course. I wish there can be same thing in my country. So the wastefullnes would be decreased.

streets are nice in Kiev..

buildings are old but colorfull..

this piano is yours..she is waiting for you to play her at a street..

You were so delicious Kiev..


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