Kiev Part 3 / We are your guests Mother Ukraine !

We leave from Pechersk Lavra and start to walk to the statue of Rodina Mat. But first, on our way we will visit the Park of Eternal Glory.

Eternal Glory Park;

Kiev is a city which has wonderful parks. This is just one of them. Also have a special meaning.

There are the graves of the martyrs who gave their lives for their homeland in 2nd World War. People come here to commemorate and honor them. Newly married couples after their wedding ceremonies come here. It is a tradition here.

There is a big-inclisive monument in the middle of the park. It was made in 1957. 

The Monument of Eternal Glory

Also there is an eternal flame at the foot of the monument. This fire burned for the unknown soldier who lost his live.

eternal flame

Do spend some time in the park. Watch  the beauty of Dnieper. Delete the bad ones in your memory and put this gorgeous view.. It is really like a dream ..

The white building which is just above my head on my photo below  is Great Famine Monument. It was dedicated to the victims of Great Famine. It is just above my hand. I had no idea about the place of  it. I was trying to give my best pose at that moment 🙂

Great Famine Monument and the gold domes of Pechersk Lavra

Rodina Mat / The Motherland Monument;

After leaving from Glory Park the time is to see Rodina Mat (The Motherland Monument). Rodina Mat is very close to Pechersk Lavra and The Glory Park. So we will walk there.  We’re tired, but continued.. We must go there 🙂

we are very close to the target..

Hello Mother Ukraine!

We arrive Rodina Mat after a long, slow walk.. You know the famous Statue of Liberty in New York. Here is Ukrainian version of that monument.. It was made to give the pep to Soviet people during World War 2. Length of 102 meters and 560 tons in weight.. Stainless steel. It is even bigger than the Statue of Liberty (Statue of Liberty is 93 meters). Sword of this monument was longer than the cross icon of Pechersk Lavra. So it was cut off slightly. There is a sword in one hand of the monument and official emblem with the hammer and sickle of Soviet in the other one. 

Rodina Mat
Mother Ukraine is really big

Great Patriotic War Museum. Dareful !

This museum is located within the area of the Motherland Monument. The battle tanks, cannons  are presented in entering area. I didn’t want to see inside because of my psychology which is result of  the information that I got before. The objects like the soap made from human, gloves made from human skin, bone crush machine and some torture photographs  were the last things I want to see … 🙁  But you don’t care of  me, you do enter inside of this meaningful museum .., Nearly 10 million people lost their lives in this region during World War II. Therefore, this museum has a special importance for this city .. 

We are tired. We will go to the hotel and rest.. Kiev will continue. On the next post.. 


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