KIEV PART 2 / Get lost in Kiev ♥

Pechersk Lavra Monastery

Known as Caves Monastery also. Go to this region by walk from People Friendship Arch.  If you come to this area by metro you should get off at the Arsenalna Station.

Pechersk Lavra is a complex consisting of many churches. It is in the UNESCO World Heritage List .. Quite large and very interesting place. Absolutely a must see. Visit takes about half a day. There are a total of 18 churches in this monastery. 6 of them are under the ground. Visiting this monastery is important for Slavic Orthodox Christians because they believe that they become very close to God here.

the main gate of Pechersk Lavra

Great Lavra Bell Tower is the main bell tower of Pechersk Lavra..

Great Lavra Bell Tower

Churches within the monastery are as from completely different world. Candles, praying, photos of the Virgin Mary and Jesus.. And of course rites  accompanied by the voice of priests. You find yourself in an atmosphere completely spiritual. The amazing domes of the monastery has made by gold.. Once upon a time the caves in monastery used to be use for reclusion by priests. Now, there is no even one second without tourist.  You can also see mummy sculptures of priests in these churches.

Easter Eggs- so cute 🙂

Here is another delightful work within the monastery garden.. Easter eggs.. Each of them are made of beech wood. This work was created by more than 70 children . They had drawn shapes and painted on the eggs by their hands. An art-work .. This is a project by Ukrainian artist Oksana Mas.. I cannot stand to take photograph many many times.. I loved them. One of these photos is on a wall of our house..

hand painted wooden eggs

Micro Miniature Museum- Incredible..! Fantastic..!

This is a very important museum within Pechersk Lavra Monastery. This museum contains the works which is only seen by microscope inside.. They are really amazing. A chess set which has made on the tip of a needle, the figure of a young girl sitting on a mosquito needle etc…  Unbelievable.. Yes it sounds crazy 🙂 but amazing job. Handcraft .. Most of the work is on Guiness Book of Records. Luckily, the creator of these works,  Ukrainian Mr. Mykola Syadristy was there and I had the opportunity to meet. Unfortunately, he cannot speak English so we couldn’t understand each other 🙂 However, it would be pleasant to listen how created this works in detail from his own words.. 

Mykola Syadristy

Inside there is also a small market selling some holly things. 

This structure, Pechersk Lavra which is quite impressive must be visited with a guide if possible.

Mother Motherland-Rodina Mat view.. We will be there soon..

Rodina Mat from Pechersk Lavra..

Target is Rodina Mat.. On the next post..



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