Kalem Adasi / Kalem Island


And here’s one of the beautiful islands of the Aegean.. This is really an exquisite island.. You need to come to Bademli village from Dikili to reach this island. (Distance between Bademli Village and Dikili is 10 km.)


This is a natural wonder .. “Peace” is the exact meaning .. Unlike a lot of Pisa Cove’s facility, there is a professional enterprise. Olivera Resort is the only hotel on the island ..

You must make a reservation before you go there clicking by here. They limited the number of daily visitors from outside the hotel. This is a good thing. After all, you can not enjoy with a crowded place ..

You must follow the signs “Olivera Resort” when you comes to the Bademli Village. You can leave your car at the car park there. They bring you to island by a boat. The journey takes about 3-4 minutes .. The boat is available all day long..

Entrance fee to the island from the outside is 50 Turkish Liras on weekdays, 75 TL. on weekends. Food and drinks are extra..

the one on the right please..

To sea without losing a time .. A lot more time to explore the island ..

And the time to explore the island ..

A lot of money had been spent for the landscaping, it is really nice and compatible to the island’s identity. And the environment gives us great photo frames..

I think I saw a statue there 🙂

There is an island also opposite where we are. Garip Island. It maybe more beautiful. But there is nothing  about the facility, civilization. Robinson’s life, so for those looking for a life like this 🙂

Garip island is in front of us..

Let’s talk about eating and drinking at the resort. Say on the prices of food and drink are over of the standards. For example, beer 15 TL., Pizza 30 TL. 

The island is really very pleasant .. Whether you watch the sea calm, lay down on your sunbed, relax with a drink by delicious chill out music or cool off in the crystal clear sea .. All the pleasant here ..


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