Izmir..♥ Smryna..♥

♥La Perle de L’Lonie.. 

Famous writer  Victor Hugo said “Izmir is a princess”. This is real. Izmir is a princess. She is so unique..

I was born in Izmir and lived there till college .. My family is still there, and I miss you more and more everyday Izmir .. We went there for  just one day and I took Aysam to the places I wanted him to see. Of course, the original plan wasn’t staying in Izmir in the heat of August, our plan was to go to north side of Eagean like Ayvalık-Dikili. So we had limited time. I plan to prepare a much more detailed post for the next trip there.

First, I took Aysam to the grave of Great Leader Atatürk ‘s mother Mrs. Zubeyde Hanim in Karsiyaka. The grave is located on Zubeyde Hanim Street which is entered from train station. In a park. We passed in front of the grave almost everyday, but  this visit was extremely important for Aysam. 

Karşıyaka is the other side of İzmir. If you live in Karsiyaka, you don’t say ‘I live in Izmir’. You say “I live in Karsiyaka” 🙂 Other places can be seen in Karsiyaka, Crater Lake in Mount Yamanlar and Bird’s Paradise which is located 15 km west of Karsiyaka. Latife Hanim Memories House must be seen also. (Latife Hanım was the wife of Ataturk)

We leave grave, passing across to other side of Izmir. To real Izmir 🙂 We want to see Historical Elevator (Asansor) .. These regions are full of old Izmir .. What a lovely!

Dario Moreno Street..

The Historical Elevator is on Dario Moreno Street. This lovely street is full of the old Greek houses. Moreno is a Jewish-Turkish guitarist, pianist and actor. An Izmir lover .. “Deniz ve Mehtap”, “Seni Beklerim Optugun Yerde “… and more.. So he became unforgettable with these lovely  songs. Read this post with this delightful Moreno classic by clicking here..

Moreno began to sing on Bar Mitzvah ceremonies first, then at Marmara Gazinosu.. After a very hard life, this situation had changed and he had moved to Mithatpasa Street district of Elevator with his mother, Madame Roza. Their house is on this street. Dario Moreno’s name was given to this street by the decision of the Municipality of İzmir in 1992. Dario Moreno’ and Enrico Macias’ busts put to the entrance of the street with a ceremony in 2009. Algerian-born French singer Enrico Macias attended this ceremony also, and he was given the golden key of Konak district.

Dario Moreno had told his love to Izmir by the following lines. These lines are also written next to his bust .. And this was also his legacy..

Izmir! My sweet and dear city! If I die far away from you one day, may they bring me to you, but while taking me to my grave, may they not say of me ‘he died’, may they say ‘he is sleeping..’

In spite of his will, he was buried in Israel by his mother, Madame Roza ..

Dario Moreno-Enrico Macias

We walk towards the Elevator and going up by the lift.

Elevator Tower was built by a businessman whose name is  Nesim Levi (Bayraklıoğlu) in 1907. His goal was to create an easier way between two streets which have height difference of 58 meter. There were 155 steps from one to the other street. As one of Nesim Levi’s friends broke his leg, he had developed such an idea.

The bricks of the tower had brought from Marseilles. Tower has several restorations. The latest restoration was on the time of beloved mayor Ahmet Pristina. As you climb the tower and watching the city from wooden balcony, you meet with stunning views of Izmir. Just watch and the see the exquisite beauty of the city. I am sure that you are gonna fall in love with Izmir once again. ♥

kartpostallardaki İzmir../here is the view which is on the Izmir postcards..

We have very limited time .. And we are tired.. Surely we have no complaint about that.. But we need to rest .. And I know a good way for this .. Direction; Kordon … ♠

Kordon-Alsancak district is actually center of the city. This is really elegant area. The seaside of Alsancak is called Kordon. There are many restaurants,cafes and pubs. Many Levantines and citizen of Greece live in this area. Actually there are many chalet belong to levanten especially Alsancak, Karsiyaka, Guzelyalı district of Izmir.

Izmir Internatonal Fair is also in this area. When we were a child it was the most gratifying thing to visit this fair.. Ah! Memories..

delicious sunset in Kordon..

Time to rest .. My mom is waiting for us to dinner. So we’ll get just a drink now.. 🙂

I love mussel only in Izmir.

Kordon is tremendously enjoyable with its sunset .. Don’t ask which venue we sit in, because I didn’t look. I think the reason of this is I don’t feel as tourist 🙂 This is my hometown.. But I can say the  places are side by side and almost identical to each other. We would have preferred La Sera when I was in high school.. 

If you are in Kordon you must eat fish with “raki”. This time, we do not have time. But if you want to go, Veli Usta Balık Pişiricisi would be a nice choise. You do try fish with milk, accompanied by Aegean herbs and delicious appetizers, of course .. Eat fish, drink raki and watch Eagean…

I wanted to try the place called “Sakiz Adasi” for the coffee. But we have no time as I mentioned before. The owners of this place are Greek businessmen. I have no any recommendation because I didn’t try but I just let you know in case you might like to try.

If you want to watch all Izmir, you can go to Hilton Hotel which is the highest building of the city. The highest floor of the hotel will present you a really nice view of Izmir.. Get a drink and relax there..

We continue to enjoy the sunset  with our cold beers and sweet  chats.. We are going to go home before it’s too late. We will leave for Dikili in the early morning..

See you soon Izmir..

Smryna, is a princess.. with her beautiful chapel.. the happy spring unceasingly responds to her call.. and, like a laughing group of flowers in a bowl, she shines from seas.. even more passionate than one fresh Archipelago..“Victor Hugo-from his poem La Captive..”



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