House of God of Gods:Olympian Zeus

We are 700 meter away from Syntagma Square..

And here we are about to discover one more great temple which was built in Doric style.. This magnificent Greek temple dedicated to the God of Gods Zeus. 

This is the largest temple in Greece. Throughout centuries this temple has faced lootings, fires, earthquakes. Only 15 columns are standing among 104 columns..

This unique structure rising to the sky was the house of The Statue of Zeus also. The Statue of Zeus was one of the 7 wonders of the Ancient Ages.. (If you wonder others, click here..) Then Temple of Zeus was closed and moved to New Constantinople (Istanbul) by rich Greeks. Then unfortunately it has been lost after a severe fire.

And here is the original form of the temple;

once upon a time.. / bir zamanlar..

If you wonder what this important and giant Zeus Statue looks like;

The temple was really impressive.. We want a coffee break right now.. Then continue for Athens..



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