Gondola Time In Venice♥

And now its time to explore the city with the famous gondolas… How beautiful things they are..!  As if they come from a fairytale ..!

which one..?

Gondola Fares in Venice;

And we are just in gondola.. Date is December,31. For the new year just couple of hours left. We are very happy.. We are opening a champagne and our glasses are raising..We say “cheers” to health and of course love!  We would like to serve the champagne to our gondolier. But I guess he is not drinking while on his job. He is accompanying us with his nice serenade only:) In the meantime, the gondola price is 100 €. The number of people is important. If you don’t want to give so much money and you do not mind share your gondola with other people, do it and divide the price. We have already boarded with our friends.

Venice gave us the most intimate, the most authentic  and the saddest frames of her face..


When you have a sightseeing Venice in gondola, you feel like you live in one of the past centuries. You ask yourself; how do people live in these houses which are in water completely.. In fact, life is not easy here .. While watching the mossy walls of the houses in the gondola,  you are considering them ..

Did Casanova throw a flower to a beautiful girl who lived in one of these houses..? I wonder..Once upon a time Marco Polo had taken breath in this area, right ..? Did Vivaldi get inspired this romantic, narrow streets while he created his compositions..? All these details are your main topics of your conversation while you are in Gondola..

Aysam gave me his best frames as a gift

there is a gondola jam 🙂
fairy tale?

I cannot figure out that the reason of my dizziness.. Because of the champagne or the romance in gondola? Actually I am not looking for the reason just enjoy “these moments”..

We see many place in Venice.. And time to rest at the our hotel and prepare for the NEW YEAR PARTY in San Marco..



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