A dream..

We had started to do search many days before our short visit to Tuscany, excitedly…
Our first stop Florence…As you know Florence is the city where the foundations of renaissance were laid. It has a very important place in the history. The capital of Tuscany region. Tuscany, not to be missed to visit, is famous for its food culture, the vineyards ant the works of art and architecture ranging from ancient Rome to Renaissance…Settled around Arno, the beautiful river which also passes through it.. Julius Caesar can be named as the founder of the city by giving land around River Arno to retired soldiers of his army in 59 B.C. Magnificent city.. where most beatiful Italian is spoken..which has done a poet like Dante…

You have so many reasons to go to Florence..Irrational charmed works of art, all the view of beautiful architecture..or breathing the atmosphere of Medieval, living the city of Renaissance..or tasting the best wines? All, but all…

Our first stop in Florence  is Michalengelo Hill, Piazzale Michelangelo.  Getting uncouncious starts on this hill with the stunning views of Mediaval Renaissance. We have heard that it was best at the sunset time, but the view is still awesome at our arrival time.


Michelangelo Tepesi’nden enfes Floransa../the beautiful Florence from Michelangelo Hill..


the Dome of the Florence Cathedral from Michelangelo Hill..


Those who come to Florence shall go and visit that. You can go by taxi or public transport and turn back walking. It is the best to see around and get lost while walking..:) Here you see the replica of Michelangelos famous work David. In fact, this masterpiece is the “magnum opus” of Michelangelo and symbol of Florence. Its original is kept in Galleria Dell’Accademia.


City owes most of the masterpieces to Medici Family. This family is quite important for the city. Many Florence Monarch and 3 pope came from this family. And the effect of progress in Renaissance…

Piazza Della Signoria

A  must see.. 

We are in Piazza Della Signoria

Palazzo Vecchio,


Sir’s Square (Piazza Della Signora) This square is another place to be seen. It consists of two main parts, Palazzo Vecciho and Loggia Dei Lanzi, the open gallery.

Old Palace (Palazzo Vecciho), with the magnificent statue of David  standing in the front and the 34 meter high bell tower, considered as the symbol of power. Currently it is transformed to town hall. The building is constructed by Arnolfo di Cambio, and has a famous balcony. This balcony is the one that we have seen in “Silence of the Lambs”, the balcony where Hannibal hangs the police chief 🙂 .

Palazzo Vecchio..

As I have mentioned above, in front of the entrance of Palazzo Vecchio stands Michalengalo’s “magnum opus”, the replica of David’s Statue. This impressive statue is created by Michalengelo using 5.5 meter one-piece marble, and no other addition, monolithic…and the work is defiend as the most charming human body statue of all time…you realize this definition just with a simple look…

Palazzo Vecchio önünde David ve Kuzuların Sessizliği’ndeki meşhur balkon..


Despite the order of the Pope to be destroyed, because it is completely naked, the work has came todays with the claim and protection of Family Medici… The original statue is in the Galleria Dell’ Accademia. In the right side entrance of Palazzo Vecchio you can see the replicas of Hercules and Cacus, by Baccio Bandinelli. The originals are also in Academia Museum…

Hercules and Cacus by Baccio Bandinelli

In the Laggia Dei Lanzi part of Piazza Della Signoria, the most important work exhibited is the one made by Benvenuto Cellini, the statue representing the scene of Perseus cutting the Medusa’s head off and raising it up.

Perseus with the head of Medusa by Benvenuto Cellini

At the other side, there is Ratto Delle Sabine (The Rape of the Sabine Women) by Giambologna, sculptor got by Medici family from Netherlands. All these works are replicas and the originals are in Academia Museum.

Ratto Delle Sabina

In the Piazza Della Signora, another statue attracting the attention is the Duke Cosimo I Di Medici, on the horse, the member of Medici Family, the first Tuscany Granduke. He is well known and respected for his investments on art and culture..

We are going to Uffizi Art Gallery now.. There are unbelievable  mime artists on our way. 🙂 I couldn’t stand to get some photos from them.. On the next post..



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