Diving in Bodrum

Being at sea means freedom.. To get lost while watching the endless blue waters and forget where you are..

And also talk about underwater.. Diving.. It is very very different.. If you have been in the real world of seas and you met the real owner of seas, it means that you experienced one of the most beautiful pleasure.

If you are in Bodrum you must dive. (You are a diver or not, it doesn’t matter) We planned our diving with Mr.Erman who is the owner of Erman Dive Center. We dove by his well equipped boat with his profesional team. It was right choice.

The boat which take us for diving

We went to Orak Island for diving. And apart from usual, we tried “Wall Diving” this time. And I have to say; Amazing..! I cannot describe this amazing experience with the words. I’ll try anyway. While you are at 20 meters deep and while you see plants and fishes, you suddenly face a giant wall. When you pass the giant wall you meet an endless space! There is no plant. There is no fish. Just blue, very deep blue and endless, boundless space. Like a giant canyon.. It is pretty scary but certainly deeply pleasurable experience..

During our dive we didn’t come across extraordinary creatures. If you’ll dive there you can see plenty big starfish, small and hard spiny giant sea urchins, sea cucumbers (its name is funny 🙂 ), maybe colored small fish and maybe octobus.

We didn’t have great expectations before diving in Bodrum because of our great experience in Maldives. But this “Wall Diving” completely conquered me.

Unfortunately I cannot share photos from underwater. Because we have no camera on us. I will be sharing some great photos on the next posts..

We didn’t forget to take some photos at the great scene while we were at the boat. The view gave us amazing background 🙂




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