Peace in Dikili

Dikili is the very peaceful and cute town north of Izmir..

Since my childhood, I go to Dikili every summer. I love it. My aunt had a house which has a very big garden. As soon as the school got closed, we went there without losing a time. We saved all the purest and the most hilarious memories of our childhood and adolescence 🙂

Dikili is at 110 km north of Izmir. Dikili’s profile is quite modest contrary to Antalya and Bodrum ‘s.  Sea has blue flag. There are extremely beautiful beaches. Some of them are out of the city, in a village called Bademli. Night life is not like the ones in Antalya or Bodrum but if you are looking for peace of mind, you really will like this small delightful place to spend time.

We depart from Izmir and pass through Aliaga and Candarli.. And we are in Dikili.. Yuppie 🙂

Our goal is to go to hotel and meet the sea.


Our hotel is also modest like Dikili itself. But very sugar.. Sunset Hotel.. Actually the largest hotel in Dikili is the Halic Park Hotel , formerly known as Mysia.

We looked for a smaller and more intimate place rather than an all-inclusive resort-style hotel, so we chose Sunset Hotel. Because, we don’t spend too much time at the hotel inside. This gives us peace of mind. Hotel is on the beach. On the beach, yes. It is so close to the sea, you sleep with the sound of the waves at night. What could be better than that ..! The single rooms of the hotel are on the land side so those rooms facing the road noise. Double rooms have sea view.

We spent our first day at the beach of the hotel.  Resting all day. There is no music. If you want to get the music while sunbathing you can go just hundred meters and find the private beach that has music. Here you can drink beer while listening to music and play backgammon ..

sun!heat us..burn us..

Tired of being lazy on the beach! Go to cafes on the street next to seaside and get a cold beer. Watch calm and clear sea,  get a detox for your soul.

cyrstal water..

Dikili is very close to Greece. Lights of Midilli – Lesvos Island can be seen easily at nights. Even the Greek radio broadcasts more than a lot of Turkish radio stations.  We used to be able to watch Greek TV s at our childhood 🙂 There are many Greek tourists who come to visit Dikili dailiy. While sitting near the port and drinking a beer  you can see many yatches and interesting ferries, ships and these can offer you beautiful photo frames. Do not miss ..

Dikili is a special place. First of all, an enlightened place. Festivals are held every year (Peace, Democracy and Labor Festival). You meet colorful figures and join very important interviews  which  were attended by intellectuals. Uğur Mumcu, Ugur Dundar were only two of them.. (These names are the most important journalist in Turkey. Unfortunatelly Ugur Mumcu was assassinationed ).

On our way to dinner we are passing through the path of love, the name of the strret along the sea. This path is not allowed to vehicle traffic. There are cafes on the way. We used to call these places “Casino” in our childhood 🙂

There are stalls especially selling books on the road. You can also find jewellery and souvenirs.

There is an important monument on our way .. Made on behalf of former Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme. Olof Palme, a politician known for his contributions to world peace in the world. This monument is the symbol of peace-loving face of Dikili.. Every year, demonstrations and interviews are organized for the World Day of Peace. By the way let me tell you, there is an Olof Palme Monument also in Karsiyaka (Izmir)..

Completely different pleasure to watch the sunset in Dikili .. mental detox .. to get lost..

odamızdan güneş batışı..kelimelerle anlatılamaz bir güzellik..Midilli tam karşımızda../unutterable beauty of sunset from our room..Lesvos Island can be seen easily..


If you want to eat a good fish by the sea I can recommend two places. Ayazma Restaurant and Levent Restaurant. Ayazma is for fish, Levent is both for fish and kebab. Ayazma is the first priority for my choice. You eat your fish above the sea. Of course, you have to make reservation a table at the seaside. Otherwise it loses the meaning.

our table is waiting for us..

We’re going to eat with this amazing view ..

I want to get detox for my soul before dinner..

We get delicious Aegean herbs like glasswort, cibes as starter .. (You order them too) Companied by  raki and sweet chat of course … Then the sea bass and red mullet as main dishes.

And let’s talk about the meals of our hotel. Sunset Hotel’s concept is the bed and breakfast and dinner. Because we ate out usually, we couldn’t taste the food of the hotel. Hotel is on the beach, the place is very nice especially with its cute garden. One evening we decided to try the dinner. Result: Better than our expectations. Already, this hotel is as family-run place. So dishes also.. Full summery flavors .. Quite light and delicious ..

Dikili continues.. We also visited the nearby coves and the Island of Kalem. Bademli Village-Pisa Cove will be in the next post..



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