Dikili Pisa Cove

If you are in İzmir-Dikili, you must go to Bademli Village and surrounding coves .. Pisa cove is the most beautiful of them..

Pisa cove is in Bademli Village and 10 km. distance from Dikili. Bademli is a very quiet, cute village ..

stone houses..


This village is full of olive trees and has incredibly beautiful coves .. The coves which are not known by many people..

The path that is used when going to Bademli from Dikili is full of turns. Need to be careful. After passing Bademli, in order to reach the many untouched coves you need to go through the dusty roads. But it’s worth.. You will not find a sea like this easily. I tried to explain the clarity of water by the photos below. 

If you will swim in Pisa Cove, you must prefer the place called Er Turistik Tesisleri .. To reach there just follow the signs after Bademli. Entry fee is 15 turkish liras for per vehicle. This is not only a sea but also a restaurant. Do not expect anything too much. You must get the beauty of untouched cove, nice sand and the sea ..

You are very close to Lesvos Island here. If you get an SMS as “Welcome to Greece” don’t be surprised J Your operator can change, be careful while using it not to have an international call.

The sea is great .. We settle to our sunbed and run to the sea.

cyrstal water!



There is a cafe in Bademli which sells verjuice.. Don’t come back without drinking ..It is a rule there 🙂

I hope you always stay clean and untouched Pisa..



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