Cycladic Art Museum

Cycladic Art Museum

We may be bored visit museum.. We visited so many museum so we can recognize almost all Gods from their sculptures without noise.. Because of that we are looking for a more unusual museum and of course find Cycladic Museum..

This is a quite impressive museum where you can see the Cycladic art of the Cycladic civilization. There are many items and objects of this civilization lived in the Cyclades. All of the Cycladic figures are so beautiful and different, these objects inspired even Picasso..

The videos are presented belonging to the religious beliefs of ancient times, marriage ceremonies and information about daily life also. The visit to this museum will be nice, pleasant and unusual experience.

I bought one of these Cycladic Art figure for my home. It fitted the minimal decor of my home.

Cycladic Cafe

The museum has a quite minimal cafe also. The photo below is the minimal ceiling of this minimal cafe..

Cycladic Art Cafe

Entrance fee is € 7. Closed on Tuesdays. Use the subway M3 line and get off at the station Evangelismos.


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