Antoni Gaudi


Gaudi is the first name that came to mind if it is said Barcelona.. He is an extraordinary architect and artist who created the most extraordinary buildings of the city,  I think he had an incredible spacious and colorful imagination world like a child’s.  He has never allowed to ruck this fantasy world, it has been always unusual as much as a child’s and he was brave to made this incredible world true.

Gaudi had built most of his works in the early 1900’s. He had created many extraordinary buildings which was the main topic of the city inhabitant’s conversations and became an immortal..  You will be amazed and you will be a fun seeing these magnificent architecture of Gaudi’s works, I absolutely impressed his architectural style which is seperated clearly from classic and boring architecture lines.

I already had great respect to person who is planning to make his dream true despite of all oppositions which were shown by others. I loved Gaudí’s works but I also felt the same thing and respect him. I think he was so strong to realized his dreams, so brave to kept and maintained them and he had self-confidence man..

While we were visiting the Gaudi’s buildings in Barcelona, my friend said: So now this crazy guy had designed and drawn this building,.. So how did he describe what he wanted to the construction worker??

This was a correct question .. Because they had no developed architecture programes such as 3ds Max which show a finished version of a project like a photo even there is no construction..

Houses without corner

It’s hard to fathom the Gaudí’s works. There is no doubt that he lived in a different world. His works are already like from an another world.. Each of them are very impressive and beyond to mind. Most of the works has no corner. They are all round shaped..

Gaudi's works

Modernista-Art Nouveau

He is a very important representative of  Catalan Modernism (Modernista) Art Nouveau (New Art- New art movement which has elegant decorative ornaments priority and frequently used the folds and floral patterns) and an architect-artist beyond all those movements..

A strong inspiration source: Nature

Man should have a very powerful source of inspiration to create these incredible works.. Gaudi’s source of inspiration was NATURE.. Everything in Nature. Trees, a snail, a snake skeleton, rivers, drops of water, honeycombs.. So you can already see signs of nature in his all works.

Gaudi: Architect of God

Gaudi was quite religious. Dark Catholic. All signs related to his religion were seen in his works. So his nickname was Architect of God.

Gaudi was a vegeterian

Gaudi had chosen vegetarianism in the early years of his youth. Because of strict vegetarianism he had to deal with many health problems. And naturally, his situation in architecture school wasn’t so good.

Gaudi’s big sorrows

The loss of his beloved nephew in his last years of his life were worried deeply Gaudí. Following this incident, his boss Mr. Park Guell, while building Park Guell (Mr.Guell had believed Gaudi’s dreams and he was the financier for his works) and two of his best friends and colleagues had gone. At the end of all this tragedies, his expectations from life were vanished. At last he dedicated himself completely to La Sagrada Familia. It is said that Gaudi had stayed in the church on the last 14 years of his life. His tomb was there also..

Gaudi’s death

Gaudi have lost his life as a result of a tram crash while walking to church to daily routine pray 74 years old.. His death was definetely untimely. I am sure he wished to be able to finish the church which he gave all his life. If so, he could have died happier..

A fool or a genious?

‘I have given this academic title either to a fool or a genius. Time will show..’

Gaudi’s senior and famous Catalan architect Elies Rogent had said this when handing his him degree. There is no any doubt he was a genious..

He is Catalan modernism’s (moderniste) precursor. His works count the examples of Art Neauveu (New Art). But I think he is only member of a movement which is completely different and never known.. His works are described as ahead of contemporary architecture right now. I think he is the the father of architects and architecture.. Let architects evaluate.. Here are some Gaudi’s works I have visited…



That is Gaudi’s number one.. His magnum opus.. The cathedral which he devoted his life.. La Sagrada Familia!




Casa Mila or commonly known as La Pedrera (Stone Quarry). She is one of Gaudi’s most beautiful and unusual buildings and gifts to Barcelona..




Casa Batllo is one of Gaudi’s most beautiful buildings. House of bones..




Another amazing Gaudi’s work.. Hensel and Gretel’s House…


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