Arc De Triomphe

We started to walk from Concorde Square. We are in the other side of Champs Elysees. We are in front of a building which is huge (50 meter height)and magnificent. Arc De Triomphe.

This building much more bigger than I had imagined and so magnificient. Arc De Triomphe is on the center of Charles De Gaulle Square (formerly named Etoile-Star Square). The construction of the building began with the orders of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1806 and was completed after 20 years. It symbolizes the military victories of France. 



There is an unknown soldier tomb which symbolizes French soldiers who died in World War I. (Tomb of Du Soldat Inconnu) There is an eternal flame which didn’t  go out since 1923, The flame freshened up by war veterans and some associations each evening. We saw the similar flames in Kiev and Sarajevo.










Eternal Flame of Arc De Triomphe

It is a really magnificient monument.. We will spend some time in front of the monument and then climb its top.

And now, we are going to climb Arc De Triomphe’s top. We need to climb 284 steps. There is an elevator but it is out of order and it doesn’t go till the top. The steps are narrow and as a spiral. So you have no chance for break. You must have a condition 🙂

Arc De Triomphe steps

We are on the top after many steps. A delicious Paris view is front of us.. Champs Elysees and other 11 streets.. Eiffel Tower and bohemian Paris.. We are watching without taking a breath..

How to get Arc De Triomphe..?

Use the metro by one of the 1-2 or 6 lines and get off the station Charles De Gaulle-Etoile. 

You can also go by walk from the other side (Concorde Square side) of Champs Elysees. 


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