Ancient Agora Ancient Athens

Ancient Agora is the best-known example of an ancient Greek agora, located to the northwest of the Acropolis. We prefered to walk from Acropolis, it does not take much..

There is huge sculptures in front of the main entrance of agora..

ancient agora / antik agora

olive tree symbolizes healthy, quaintity, sanctitiy / zeytin agaci sagligi, bollugu ve kutsallıgı simgeler
olive tree symbolizes healthy, quaintity, sanctitiy

Let’s see the important buildings and structures in Ancient Agora;

Stoa of Attalos

The Stoa of Attalos or Attalus located in the east side of archaeological site of the Ancient Agora in Athens just oposite the Adrianou street in Monastiraki. The Stoa of Attalos was built around 150 BC, by Attalos II, King of Pergamos as a donation to Athens. The construction of the building began in 159 BC and ended in 138 BC. This building is a good example of Hellenistic architecture. Especially if you are a photo-lover, you can have good perspectives here.

The stoa was a shopping mall which people gathered and a place of sociability where citizens used to gather and discuss. Of course they had no internet, no mobile phone.. So hard 🙂 [/column]

Museum of the Ancient Agora

This museum is located in the Stoa of Attalos. The collection of the museum includes clay, bronze and glass objects, some sculptures from 7th-5th century BC and Byzantine period and the Turkish occupiation also. You can see the interesting stuff belong to ancient times people.. The perfume bottle and middle east style barbeque you see below are interesting 🙂 I think kebab was known on those period 🙂

The House of Ugly God: Temple of Hephaistos

Hephaestus was son of Zeus and Hera and Aphrodite‘s husband in Greek mythology and God of metal working, The God of Fires who was producing weapons and armor for gods and heroes. All Gods in Olympos were perfect?? No!

Hephaestus was the ugliest God of all gods. His both feet were lame. The reasons of this situation was explained on the Homer’s epic poem “Iliad” in two ways:  According to first explanation; Hephaistos chooses the side of Hera who was his mother while Zeus and Hera were fighting, Zeus gets angry to his son and throws him away to Lemnos island and Hephaestus became crippled.. According to the second myth;  Hephaestus was born crippled. His mother Hera was ashamed of him and threw him down from Olympus.

Despite being most unsightly among the gods, Hephaestus was the most popular God between both people and the Gods. Sumptuous palaces in Olympus all came from him. He has also made the best weapons for gods and heroes. Cupid’s arrows and bows, Aphrodite’s famous dazzling belt, Dionysos’s wife Ariadne’s crown, Hades’ invisibility helmet, Achilles’s helmet and also the first woman sent to punish the people by order of Zeus, Pandora, was from him.

So we are on our way from open area of Ancient Agora to go to the temple which was dedicated to this ugly God.


We are here.. This is a really beautiful temple. Maybe not as good as Parthenon but it is good.

Geldik..Bu gerçekten güzel bir tapınak.. Belki Parthenon kadar değil ama oldukça güzel..

Ancient Agora is very close to Monastiraki.. We will leave and walk to discover Athens. We plan to go to Hadrian’s Library and then Temple of Olympian Zeus.. And then we will see Panathenaiko Stadium which is very close to Temple of Zeus and first olympic games in 1896 was hosted. 🙂



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