Acropolis Bergama

The first settlements of the ancient city of Pergamon..

Acropolis means the ‘Upper Town‘. excavations began in 1874 in Pergamon Acropolis and this splendid city was unearthed. The king, his family and top liner persons lived here.

What to see in Acropolis

Temple of Trajan

The most magnificient structure you will see in current Acropolis. This magnificient building is stand as if ‘whole’ with its avesome columns. Ornaments and crowns in the columns are very beautiful. Old, yellowed but very powerful and majestic.

This temple was commissioned by Emperor Hadrian, to honor Emperor Trajan who let him to be the new emperor.

temple of trajan
temple of trajan

Altar of Zeus

Altar of Zeus was the most magnificent work in Acropolis. But the only thing you will see here is just its stairs. Because they were taken to Berlin by the German excavation with permission from the Ottoman Sultan. (Some say it have been kidnapped, but were purchased in exchange for Money. They also told that the sultan said: ‘We gave stone, we got money’.  I do not get mad with Germans. I’m sure they keep better than us the Temple of Zeus. Maybe we would have destroyed it and build a hotel instead :( ) Altar of Zeus was built by King of Pergamon II. Eumenes in memory of the victory against the Galatians.

pergamon altar of zeus
pergamon altar of zeus

Acropolis Theatre Pergamon

Another building that you will see in Acropolis. Extremely steep. In addition, the steepest amphitheater in the world today. Its capacity is 15 thousand people.

Temple of Dionysos

This buildings is just near the theatre.

acropolis theatre pergamon-temple of dionysos
You will see also remains of Athena Holy Area, Library, Gymnasium and Temple of Demeter‘ in Pergamon Acropolis.

How to get Acropolis?

You can use car or cable car for go to Acropolis.If you go by car you can see Barrage Kestel on your way.Cable car rate : 13 TL. (Round trip). Acropolis entrance fee: 25 TL. Museum Card is accepted. 
Barrage Kestel

Pergamon Acropolis is really beautiful. Must see..

pergamon acropolis
pergamon acropolis
happy birthday darling…
PS: That day we were there was Aysam’s birthday.. He said hello his new age among the eternal antiquie memories 🙂 ♥


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