A Modern Antique:Acropolis Museum

We are the ones who never get bored to visit museum 🙂  The findings of Acropolis are exhibited in this archaeological museum. This is quite different from the other museums which presents ancient ruins. Historic relics are exhibited in an unusually modern style. I liked this modern concept of the museum. You may decide by looking at the photos.. If you like unusualness you’ll love this modern presentation of history..

We saw beautiful caryatits at Erechtheion-Acropolis. So the original of these ladies here also..

The archaeological findings under the floor at the entrance of the museum are untouched. Infact, I guess all the floors of Athens is same. We saw the same floor glass in Zara store in Athens which you see in the photos 🙂

The museum is very close to Acropolis and a must see..


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