A Lovely Parisian District:Montmarte

Do you remember the movie ‘Amelie’? Jean Pierre Jeunet‘s awarded film.. So this Parisian district is the place this film was shooted.

Here are the must see places in Montmarte!

Sacre Coeur Basilica

Sacre Coeur means ‘sacred heart’.. The most important building to be seen in the Montmartre neighborhood. Sacre Cour is having a different significance because it is dedicated to Jesus. You may reach to the building by stepping up some  stairs or preffer  to use funicular after getting off the station Anvers.. We used the stairs. I think spending 5 days a week exercising at the gym is a really good thing and have some advantages sometimes  🙂

just before climbing..

so close to top..

we’re almost there..

and we reach the top.. time to watch Paris view from the top of Sacre Coeur..

if you don’t want to use the stairs you can use Montmarte Train..

Place Du Tertre

This is the hill where many painters had been worked in such as Picasso, Salvador Dali, Van Gogh, Monet. This area is really beautiful and full of artists, painters and art.. You have a chance to have your own portrait drawn. 

You can walk around at this district or you can get on a ride the charming Montmarte Train..

A small warning! I must say the painters do not like visitors taking photos of their paintings.. (of course they are right ..) A warning due to my experience 🙂

If you have time, don’t leave this region without visiting Salvador Dali Museum. You can get a coffee break at Amelie’s cafe Cafe Des Deux Moulins.. For the famous soundtrack of the movie Amelie, click here..

how to get Montmarte..?

use metro line 2 and get off the station Anvers or use line 12 and get off the station Abbesses.


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