A Lovely Birthday at Eiffel

And again, we are in front of Eiffel Tower.. She also looks great at nights. The lighting is amazing..


And now I am going to blow my birthday candle accompanying by the beauty of Eiffel..

Everything was arranged by my dear darling Aysam..  He prepared this two-seater, exquisite, little party for me :).. All the details are perfect… My birthday cake is vanilla-almond macaron of course.. ( If you are in Paris on your birthday, there is no better choice but Laduree’s macaron as your birthday cake  🙂 ).


I made my wish.. I’m blowing my candle.. And the light shows made once an hour on Eiffel begins.. That’s awesome.. I’m soo happy..

I am on my new age in front of Eiffel’s.. I could not be happier to be celebrating it in Paris!!! .. And of course this delicious birthday, this exquisite gift of Aysam, becomes one of the unforgettable moments of our history from now on…




A Parisian soul.. Listen.. You will love..




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