Top 4 Tips for Sagrada Familia

You must make a good plan to understand Sagrada Familia and Gaudi well.. So I would like to give some tips about La Sagrada Familia ticket, towers and your tour..

How Can I Plan My Sagrada Familia Visit?


tip 1/should I get my ticket online?

Yes. Otherwise, you may have to wait in long queues for hours depending on the season. You have already limited time. No need to loose time. If you are one of those who say ‘I made my plan, I will spend my time on a coffeebreak instead of queues’, get your ticket here.. You have to be professional when planning your trip. Because online ticket alternative requires to be on-time. I mean you have to be there on-time as your e-ticket time. But don’t panic. With a good planning that’s easier than you think.

tip 2/should I have my ticket with or withour tower?

The online ticket system will offer you options including towers and without towers.. Many people cannot decide on this issue and ask some questions such as ‘is the tower necessary?’ Should I give some extra Money for the tower or not?..

Give some more money and choose with the tower..

There are 18 towers. One of them have been dedicated to Jesus, another one to Virgin Mary, 4 of them to Bible and the remaining 12 of them have been dedicated to the Apostles. 8 of them is completed. The highest tower for Jesus will be fully 170 meters. You will gain what is worth for the cathedral  if you buy your ticket with tower tour.


Sagrada Familia Towers
Sagrada Familia Towers


tip 3/Which Tower should I choose to climb? Nativity? Or Passion?

After you select the alternative ‘with tower’ the system will ask you ‘which tower?’..

Actually it is not easy to answer this. It depends on you and your personally preferences. We chose Nativitiy Tower because we wanted to see the snail-looking spiral staircase. If you select the Passion tower you will see a view of the eastern part of the city and the sea. If you select Nativitiy tower you will see the sights of Barcelona’s city center.

Kuleli seçeneğini seçtiniz.. Sistem size bu sefer de hangi kule diye soracak..

Kesin bir şey söylemek zor.. Çünkü kişiden kişiye değişir bu tercih. Daha çok neden hoşlandığınıza bağlı.. Biz salyangoz görünümlü sarmal merdiveni görmek istediğimiz için Nativitiy Kuleyi tercih ettik.  Passion kulesini seçerseniz burası size Barcelona’nın doğu kısımlarının ve denizin manzarasını vadediyor. Nativitiy  tarafındaki kuleye çıkarsanız Barselona şehir merkezi manzarasını göreceksiniz.

Sagrada Familia ticket


tip 4/Climbing up the towers will exhaust me? Do I need the condition?

You are going to climb the tower with an elevator. After the elevator you have to use the spiral steps for a short while.. Of course, I’m talking about Nativitiy Tower. Its location is quite high from the floor. It might be some trouble for ones who has height fobia and claustrophobia. But I think it will not be a big deal. Because day light is in through small windows. There is no elevator to go down at Nativitiy Tower. You need to use spiral shaped and narrow stairs. Children under 6 years old are not allowed to climb the towers because of security issues. Passion Tower has elevator both for up and down..

Opening Hours:

November to February,
9 am to 6 pm

9 am to 7 pm

April to September,
9 am to 8 pm

9 am to 7 pm

December 25, 26, January 1 and 6,
9 am to 2 pm

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Have a lovey trip… ♥



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