11 Facts About MONA LISA

And we are in front of the most important painting at he Louvre.. Here is the MONA LISA with its all beauty and famous MONA LISA SMILE..


So why is this painting so famous? Let’s do closer.. Mona Lisa deserves a special attention..

Mona Lisa was painted in Florence during Renaissance by Leonardo Da Vinci who is famous Italian painter.

♠It is thought to be of Lisa Gherardini who is wife of Francesco Del Giocondo. He had commissioned this portrait to Da Vinci to dedicate his son. Da Vinci had completed the picture but didn’t deliver to t Del Giocondo. Years later, King of France bought Mona Lisa from Da Vinci’s heirs in 1797 and had given to the Louvre Museum.

In 1911 Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre and taken to Italy by one of the museum employees who thought  the actual location of the picture should be in Italy. This robbery is of course a very important thing. Even Picasso was questioned! The picture was found while to be sold to Uffizi Museum in Florence, and returned to the Louvre.

Many scholars have done some researches about  Mona Lisa’s secret and why so famous is. According to one of these views, one of the reasons why this picture so famous is that it is painted very close to a real. It is so close to reality, as if it is a photograph not picture.. It is told that when you look very close to Mona Lisa, you could see the feathers of her face. But these feathers which make the picture realistic, unfortunately vanished during restoration work.

Another secret of the picture is of course the Mona Lisa’s smile. If you look only to her lips you, cannot see any sign of a smile. But when you look at the face complete you can see her very mysterious, in the words of the experts ‘steamy’ smile. Although there is no smile gesture on her lips.. Also according to experts, another reason to that smile is that Da Vinci smoothed very thin glaze with his finger at the finish.. This glaze was 40 layers, each layer was 50 times thinner than human hair. This glaze created the effect of this misty smile.

No matter at which angle you look, you feel as if Mona Lisa is looking you. According to some Mona Lisa academics, the reason of this extraordinary sitatuation is Mona Lisa’s base coat. Because the view of the horizon behind Mona Lisa is not straight and creates an illusion. (Right side of the horizon is lower).

»Several methods have been used including infrared-ultraviolet digital scanning method and three-dimensional technology for the analysis of the painting. According to these analysises, 30-40 strokes of brush per millimeter had been used.. This means that Da Vinci had worked on this  picture for so many years. This is a complete masterpiece..

Some experts agreed on Mona Lisa’s smile is a recently given birth mother’s smile. Because at that time women who have recently given birth used to cloth from their neck to down with very thin and transparent veils. (This opinion overlap the story that Mona Lisa’s husband wanted to make this painting on the birth of their second son).

§It was found that there are L and V letters on her right pupil. (Leonardo Da Vinci’s initials) These letters can not be seen with naked eye of course. It was discovered by a special magnification method. Many similar letter-number has been found. Experts agreed by Da Vinci uses symbols in many works he produced and it is not random placement of these symbols.

>According to another study, the Mona Lisa is Da Vinci’s own self-portraits. So if Da Vinci would be a woman what would he looked like? 🙂 A group of experts who wants to prove it is trying to get permission to open the Da Vinci’s tomb. Their aim is to obtain a skull examination with a view of the face and to make comparisons ..

Some experts are trying to find out who the woman in the picture had already opened Lisa Gherardini’s tomb. (2013). They took DNA samples from the remains. They are trying to draw the face of computer modeling.

It is certainly to be so closer to Mona Lisa..



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